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Version: 2022.1

Rest API

BPS REST API is RESTFull Web service, hosted in WEBCON BPS Portal. Detailed information is available by the following URL:

[BPS Portal URL]/api

Where is the base URL of the Portal in your network environment. (eg.

It uses JSON Web Token (JWT) generated for REST applications registered in the system. Detailed registration and authentication methods have been described: Registration and authentication

BPS REST API is available in all types of installations since WEBCON BPS version 2019, and enables external systems to perform operations on workflow instances and their attachments, example operations: Basic operations

The instance, which is the started element of the workflow definition, is returned in the form of an object divided into several parts, details described: Workflow instances

Workflow definitions are not versioned, any instance will reflect any changes to the underlying definition. Rest API enables reading current workflow metadata.

The last point worth mentioning is the standardized error handling method described: Error responses