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Version: 2023.1

Error responses

In addition to a JSON error response object, errors in WEBCON BPS are returned using standard HTTP status codes. The error response is a single JSON object that contains three important parameters:

  • Error guid – is correlated with ID, that can be found in db tables [dbo].[AdminAPILogs] and [dbo].[AdminWFEventLogs] along with request and detailed error information
  • Description – is a developer message about an error that has occurred. This should not be displayed directly to the user.
  • Type – is an error code string for the error that occurred.

Example error object:

"type": "InvalidAuthenticationToken",
"description": "Authentication token is invalid or has expired.",
"errorGuid": "0a92939c-bd75-4cf7-8392-41776f9bf63b"

The following table contains the HTTP status codes that can be returned.

TypeHTTP status codeError type description
InvalidInput400One of the request inputs is not valid.
InvalidQueryParameterValue400An invalid value was specified for one of the query parameters in the request URI.
InvalidBodyParameterValue400An invalid value was specified for body parameter in the request.
MissingRequiredBodyParameter400A required body parameter was not specified for this request.
MissingRequiredQueryParameter400A required query parameter was not specified for this request.
UnsupportedHeader400One of the HTTP headers specified in the request is not supported.
AuthenticationFailed401Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of the Authorization header is formed correctly.
InvalidAuthenticationToken401Authentication token is invalid or has expired.
LicenseError402The limit of granted licenses has been exceeded or no license is associated with the user.
InsufficientAccountPermissions403The account being accessed does not have sufficient permissions to execute this operation.
InvalidScope403The auth token does not contain required scope.
ResourceNotFound404The specified resource does not exist.
UnsupportedOperation405The resource doesn’t support the specified operation.
UnsupportedInstallationType405Current instalation type is not supported.
InvalidFieldData409Specified field data is invalid.
WorkflowValidationError409Operation caused worklow validation error.
UnsupportedContentType415Specified content type is not supported on selected endpoint.
ResourceLocked423The resource that is being accessed is locked.
InternalError500The server encountered an internal error. Please retry the request.